Reece Centennial Celebration a Day to Remember

The Festival of Remembrance celebrating the 100th birthday of Byron Herbert Reece attracted over 100 participants on a beautiful Fall Saturday on Sept. 23rd.  Attendees enjoyed speakers, music, and barbeque as the life of “Hub” Reece was celebrated.  Highlights included music by Jackie Elsner, Terry Reece, Jim Clark and Friends, and the North Georgia Chamber Orchestra Quartet. Featured speakers included Dr. John Kay, Terry Reece, Ethelene Dyer Jones, Ruth Looper, and Jim Mitchell. The new memorial plaque at the Reece Trailhead on Blood Mountain was dedicated with prayer and flowers. A radio show from the 50s gave listeners a chance to hear Reece recite his own poetry. The pavilion was decorated with beautiful flowers donated by John and Patty Kay.  Many thanks to the Union County Recreation Department for the use of the Reece Farm and pavilion.

Overall, it could hardly have been a better day for celebrating the life of one of Georgia’s greatest literary figures.

— Sanford Freeman

— Photos by Debra March

Sanford and John
Sanford Freeman and John Kay
Ruth Looper
Ruth Looper
Reece audience
Audience and Bob (Terry) Reece
North GA Chamber Orchestra Quartet
North Georgia Chamber Orchestra Quartet
Jim Clark and Friends
Jim Clark and Friends
Bob (Terry) Reece
Bob (Terry) Reece
Audience and Chamber Quartet

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